Kids Lessons

Every individual should have an opportunity to experience music for themselves. People love music–it’s often a big part of our lives. Since day one you will enjoy the process of learning a new instrument.

At Versland Studios, our students:

  • Learn sight reading and steady rhythm since day one so they are prepared to play all types of music
  • Learn simple exercises that will increase fine motor skills in order to play with less hesitation
  • Learn fun music that they recognize so it inspires them to practice on their own
  • A longer lesson offers time to learn musical concepts through games and other group activities that emphasize positive peer motivation.
  • Learn all of their music during their weekly class…so they feel energized instead of lost and confused when they get home
  • Start with good habits in the very beginning so they don’t have to take months retraining from bad habits.
  • Show their progress by playing for others

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