Virtual Piano Lessons

Bringing online piano lessons into the 21st century! Through our teaching platform, we fuse the quality and personalisation of traditional in-person lessons, with the convenience of being 100% online.

Personal Teacher

Receive personalised feedback once a week (just like a traditional piano lesson) and if you get stuck on something mid-week, send your teacher a message and have your question answered asap.

Real Progress

It’s our mission to provide the highest quality lessons, coupled with an active-learning approach, where we immerse you in the world of music and ensure you have a deep and well-rounded musical education. With a solid foundation, you’ll progress exponentially, becoming an expressive and confident pianist.

100% Online

No more driving to piano lessons. No more trying to rearrange your lesson times when there’s a clash. No more wasting time not knowing what to do in-between lessons. Look forward to a virtual Christmas recital every year.

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