Most frequent questions and answers for piano lessons.

We are happy to say we have competitive rates available with the classes that we offer. Please contact us for current rates.

Lessons are 30-minutes, 45- minutes or 1 hour for students and are held once a week.

Yes- we end off the year with a recital showcasing the student’s progress. Then it’s summer vacation for all of the students. You can choose to enroll your child in a one-week piano camp in the middle of summer where they can practice fun songs they choose with their classmates, and learn about the history of piano and composers.

We are located in Avon, CT.  Most of our lessons are held on site at the studio or virtually. Please contact us for the address.

Students are expected to attend their weekly lessons promptly with their lesson materials. However, if there are conflicts that are unavoidable due to sickness or tragedy, you can schedule for a different class that same week. 

Yes. It’s very difficult for you to improve and progress if you don’t have access to your own instrument at home. If you are a beginner and unsure what to buy, contact us, we can help you. Few tips: The piano must have 88 keys, and keys must be weighted (controlled soft/loud sound).

Piano classes for children start at the age of 6 and 7 years old.

Yes, we have a teacher that can give you private instruction. Whether you’re trying an instrument for the first time or picking up where you left off, it’s never too late to learn piano.

For the regular program, our goal is for students to practice 10 minutes every day. For the accelerated program, our goal at Versland Studios is to have the student practice a minimum of 30 minutes daily towards the end of the first year. 

In order to reinforce what you have learned in your lesson, improve upon it and perfect it for performance. Much like an athlete, your muscles as well as your ears must be trained to respond in a way that will create the desired outcome of making music for you and others to enjoy. Most of the progress in learning to play piano happens during a student’s practice session at home. When they come for a lesson, the teacher is only there to correct, analyze, and instruct.

Students will be able to play fluently on the piano and will play a challenging show-stopping song at the end of the year for their recital. By this time, they have learned all of their notes on the piano and will be able to pick up a song they have never seen before and figure it out on their own.

Our goal is for students to progress quickly in the beginning so that they have the solid footprints to build onto a more advanced musical future. Music education is important to us and it is our goal to see students pouring their love for music into the community, school activities and programs, and establishing a stronger musical ability. Music is used to bring people together, celebrate loved ones, worship, bring joy to others, and is used as a creative outlet for powerful emotions. We teach for all of those reasons.

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